Setup Issues Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Hi everyone

Still getting to grips with my Ring 3 Plus. I have followed all of the instructions and installed it as well as a chime pro. All good now and working OK, but in the app it is showing me that I still need to complete some tasks. (See attachment ).

Am I missing something here ?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated


pretty sure that happened to me even though it had been fitted along with chime at a later date, only had it for 10 days so far… same doorbell… then it went and was ok…

Thank you, I will give it a couple of weeks then and see if it dissapears

Hi @benjietv. If your Ring app is showing tasks that are incomplete, but you’ve certainly completed them, try these steps. First you’ll want to uninstall the Ring app from your phone, then reboot your phone and reinstall the Ring app. Once the Ring app is properly installed, login with your credentials. This should cause all of these tasks to show complete. I hope this helps.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your help and advice, will try that


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