Setting Up Ring Doorbell on a PC - please help!

I am trying to set up a ring doorbell on my office PC. Have managed step 1 downloading ring app and step 2 creating a log in but step 3 “Set up device” unfortunately sends me on a loop to a how to video and set up steps and there is no option for me to select doorbell anywhere. I am sure I am missing something please help!


Hey @EPS2020. We do not have the option for users to set up a Ring device from the PC app at this time, and devices can only be set up from the Ring mobile app. Although, once you have set up the device on the mobile app, you should see it should up on the PC app as long as you’re logged into the same account. :slight_smile:

To set up on PC would be far better In my opinion. More accurate zone settings and overall
Is this going to come. It is the only let down for me