Setting up Ring Doorbell already registered to me

When I launch the Ring App the only option I have is to set up a new device.

I do that, go through the motions and it ends up with “This device is still registered to its owner.”

I AM THE OWNER. I log in with the owner email and password. I am stuck in a loop. I can’t get the doorbell to display video. If I push the doorbell, it rings, but there is no video in the app. Just “Set Up A New device”.

What now? Besides using the 8 LB Hammer?

Hey @Jibsman. When you go into the Main Menu > select on your location above Dashboard, is there more than one location? If there is another location, even if it looks like a duplicate one with the same name, go ahead and click on the other one. Then, pull up the main menu again and go to the Device list and see if your device(s) is/are there! If you still do not see this, or don’t have another location, please reach out to our support team here! They can ensure you get back into your account and escalate this up for you. :slight_smile: