Setting up Ring Door Bell 2 to a different wifi network

My doorbell is hooked up to my main router but it’s a pretty weak signal even tho it’s only about 35 feet away. I installed a Rock Space booster about 4 feet away from the doorbell but the doorbell doesn’t want to find it or hook up to this booster. What should I do? Thanks!

Hey @stevelew. Does the booster have its own SSID to connect to? You will need to make sure that that SSID is not hidden, otherwise you will select “Add a Hidden Network” during the setup process when it asks for your wifi network to select!

The network isn’t hidden as my phone can be linked this network when I’m outside or beyond the range of my main router. The booster is hooked to my router with the same name except it does EXT connected to the router name.

@stevelew What do you mean by “except it does EXT connected to the router name”? Are you referencing that it will connect to your router still, but the RSSI doesn’t seem to improve? The reason I ask if the wifi extender has its own SSID or network to connect to is because the Ring devices need a network to connect to directly. For example, when you purchase a device like our Chime Pro and connect it to your router, it will create it’s own boosted network for the Ring device. Therefore, when you go to set up the Ring device, it will connect directly to a new network that will show up, listed as the “Chime Pro Network.” If your device is simply a wifi booster and has no SSID, the Ring device will still connect directly to your router.