Setting up newly shared device: "Hmm. Something went wrong"

Hello Ring Community!

I recently started renting a new home, which has a Ring video doorbell. Based on the pictures in the Set Up A Device → Set Up Without Scanning section of the mobile app, I believe it is a Video Doorbell (2nd Gen), because it has the three small horizontal lines on each side of the grey section.

Due to there being glass on each side of the door, the landlord had affixed the doorbell with what appears to be a type of adhesive foam tape, instead of screws, and it is very firmly adhered, so I am unable to see the back of the doorbell. Hence why I’m trying to set it up without scanning. The landlord is looking to see if he still has the packaging, as I read that has the scannable code too, but he hasnt found it yet.

The landlord shared the device with me, I received the “Someone Shared Their Ring Device with You” email, created my account, downloaded the Ring app, and logged in.

No device is showing in my account, so I’m attempting to add the doorbell, but persistently encountering an error.

I follow the instructions, put the doorbell in setup mode (rotating white lights), successfully connect to the Ring wifi, and then as it proceeds to continue the setup i get the error: “Hmm. Something went wrong. We had a problem adding this Ring device to your account. Please start the setup process again.”

I have started the process again several times and I always encounter this error after moving on to the step after successfully connecting to the Ring’s wifi.

Anyone know where I may be going wrong or what I can do to complete the setup? Thanks in advance!

Hi @RingNoob1. There’s a few things to cover here. If the device is already owned by your landlord, you do not need to set it up, as it’s already setup on their account. I would first check to see you are on the right Location. Since you are a Shared User, you should be able to view this device if you are on the correct Location. Since you’ve put the device in Setup Mode, your Landlord with have to come over and reconnect the device to WiFi, since they are the account owner. I hope this helps.

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Hi Tom, thank you very much for your help! I’ll check put thr articles you linked, sync with my landlord, and try your advice. Thanks!

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No Problem, @RingNoob1!