Setting up Dome Siren

Hello, I’ve been trying to help my parents set up Dome Siren for the Ring system. The instructions for so are very simple as described here

The problem is that “Sirens” does not show up as stated there nor under the Security submenu. Looking at YouTube videos, that’s where it should be, but the option is simply not present.

After trying to figure out why for a while, I think it’s because Ring requires apparently Android 9.0 now and we only have Android 8.0. So we may not be receiving the updates that contain the option. Getting a new phone isn’t an option we can look at right away and are seeking if there is another way to install the Dome Siren?

I logged into and can access many of my settings, but do not see an option there to install new devices. Is it there and I’m just missing where? If not, any other options besides just returning Dome Siren?

Hi @Joe5050. Like @SolarEclipse said, the Ring app does require Android 9 or newer, so you may be missing a recent update to the Ring app. Additionally, it’s worth noting that you must have the Ring Alarm system set up on your account in order to add and utilize the Dome Siren. You can try using a different smartphone or tablet that is on the current compatible OS version to complete the device setup, but you may not be able to see or control the device properly without the latest Ring app version.