Set up new camera

Hi, I’m trying to add a new battery cam to my ring system and I can’t complete set due to final stage connecting to my internet.

Checking my download speed I’m only getting approx 3Mbps(a drop from 29to32Mbps when last checked) is this my problem?

lots of people in my village are getting low speeds.

Thanks in advance


Hey @SN2727, this could definitely be why! The devices need about 2 Mbps download and upload to preform and connect as normal, so if you have other devices like your phone or other Ring devices using the wifi, there may not be enough for your new camera. I recommend to reach out to your ISP to see if there is anything they can do with your speeds!

Thank you.
The low speeds I have are obviously preventing me from setting up new camera as I already have three other cameras.
I will contact my ISP as you suggest

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