Set up cameras after install?

I just purchased three security cameras for our second home property. I had the cameras sent directly to the guy that will be installing the cameras - they are hardwired.

Is it possible to have him
Install the cameras and I come along a week later and set up the cameras on my ring account? I read thru the install instructions and it sounds like I can scan the QR to connect to wifi and add to my account but then it mentions setting up before install. Possible?

Thank you!

Hi @Eyeinhevn. It is possible for you to set up the Cameras after they have been installed. When it does come time to setup your Cameras, you will have to be able to reach each Camera in order to push the setup button on it. You also want to make sure the installer does not throw anything from your Cameras’ packaging away when they are done installing them for you, so you can verify there is nothing else you need later on.