Sequence of Doorbell/Chime

UPDATE: Jan 15, 2021…
I spoke with Ring Support, and they explained that since the Chime is triggered by Wi-Fi, and the Mechanical (house) bell is triggered by an electric current, they don’t have a way to synchronize them…
HOWEVER, in further discussion, I suggested the following:

  • Create a setting in the Ring App that allows a DELAY to be set for the Chime. If this is configurable between zero and 120 seconds, the User could (through trial and error), find a delay timing for the Chime that would enable the mechanical bell to always be triggered first.
  • The Tech suggested I put that idea here so the Development Team could consider it as an enhancement to the App.

In August 2019, I posted an issue of how the timing of the Chime Pro was not logical.

That is, I described that a doorbell press would first trigger the Chime Pro, THEN the mechanical Doorbell. Since I have selected the “Barking Dogs” Chime, you first hear the Barking Dogs, followed by the Mechanical Doorbell – and you wonder “What were the Dogs barking at?”…

I’m sure you would agree that it makes better sense for the Doorbell to ring first THEN trigger the Barking Dogs chime.

In early December 2020, this sequence seemed to fix itself – the Mechanical Doorbell would ring, followed by the Barking Dogs. HOWEVER, in the last week of December, it reverted back to the original sequence: Dogs first, THEN the Doorbell.

I did not make any changes to the App when both of these changes occurred; I did look in the App to see if controls had been added that would enable me to specify the sequence of when the Mechanical Doorbell would be triggered, but I could not find any way to adjust the Chime/Doorbell sequencing.

Please let me know how to restore the sequence back to the Doorbell FIRST, followed by the Chime.