Sensor Offline and Can't Remove

I have a sensor that went offline. I tried to get it to reconnect and couldn’t. I changed the battery and also moved it by the base, nothing. I then tried to remove it from the system and it tells me it’s removed but it’s still in the list. I also rebooted the base. Just want the sensor back online. Help

I was having the same issue for a few weeks. Support walked me through troubleshooting and we discovered the firmware updates were not being performed, thereby killing my batteries in some devices.

After the updates and two battery replacements, my devices are working.

Contact Support.

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Hi @66killer. I would make sure that the sensor you are removing is the same sensor as in the app. On the Contact Sensor there is a QR code with a 5 digit number, make sure that it matches what you are removing in the app. They can sometimes get mixed up! I hope this helps!