Seems to be on a schedule

I let my dogs out every morning at 5:30 AM and while it used to show up in history it no longer does. I had been trying to set up a schedule but discarded it, and there is no schedule that I can see. Will I have to delete this device and re-add it to wipe out the settings? Is there a way to set back to default?

Hi @Danno99! Even though you’ve deleted your motion schedule, you can certainly add a new one. When visiting your Ring device in the app, select Motion settings, and then select Motion Schedules. There you should be able to add a new schedule. In addition to setting a schedule for when motion can notify, checking all of the other motion settings will help to further fine tune detection for when you need it to trigger. As you described the event not showing up in your history at all, this will likely be less related to motion scheduling and more related to zones, sensitivity, and other motion options.