Seeking Help Installing Ring Floodlight Wired Camera

Hello, I am a little unsure on how to install a new Ring Floodlight Cam Wired to the front of my house. There is vinyl siding and I am unsure of what is under it all. I am going to check but I believe there is foam insulation board under it all.

I attached photos of the area I am planning on installing it. My Dad wants it installed above the existing since it has a special power switch (LightAlert).

Additionally, I have the following mounting pieces (see attached). How can I connect these to siding, or should I cut and install junction box? Link to photos

Hi @SSF156. Thanks for sharing the images. First, I don’t recommend installing the Floodlight in that Location. The Floodlight Cam is designed to be installed around 9 ft high. This height will allow the Floodlight Cam to detect motion properly. Any higher than this and you will run into functionality issues with your Floodlight Cam. Here is a guide for properly mounting your Floodlight Cam.

Okay thank you.

I am missing the metal mounting plate for the camera. Is there anywhere I can buy it?

Hi @SSF156. You can find Spare Parts here.