Seeing a list of Contact Sensors and Status

Over the last few days I’ve installed about 20 Contact Sensors and everything is operating successfully. One question, though: how can I see a list of all installed Contact Sensors and confirmation of whether they are online or offline? I have clicked all over both the Ring app and the web-based interface and cannot seem to find this.

Thanks in advance…

Hey @frank3si. Once the Contact Sensor has been added to your Ring system through “Set Up a Device,” you will see it under your Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > and then if you scroll down in that section in the app, you will see them listed for you there. For the website, you will have to hover over your name at the top right > Devices > Alarm > and then you will see the contact sensors listed here. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

Ah-ha! And there they all are! Thank you for your help, Chelsea - it’s appreciated.

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Why this info is not available in Dashboard? It seems we need to navigate multiple steps to see the Sensors statuses. Like camera, status of the sensor should be easily available not through multiple navigations.

How about if you want to see a specific contact sensor in the dashboard of the Ring app- is this possible?

Hi @Sterling70. You cannot directly view a Contact Sensor on the Dashboard of the Ring app. Using shortcuts, you can have an Alarm shortcut which would take you to your Contact Sensors. This Community Article here has some information on shortcuts. I hope this helps!