Security Cams Feature Request

This feature only supports scheduling Motion Alerts, not motion detection itself. (Referring to settings from a stick up cam battery).

You should have cameras voice out a warning when it detects people, saying, " Warning you are being recorded". to deter thieves. Have an option where it can be scheduled and turn off and on.

That way if your not able to do it yourself at the time it will still scare them off. Better yet have your own recorded voice response so they think your home.

This is a really smart suggestion. It might not necessarily be a “camera feature” in the sense of you actively set something on your camera, but it seems like it could work along with the Neighborhood Alerts that are already in use (“Reports of a structure fire in your area” are what I see a lot).

My only thoughts are that privacy may be a concern, or that false alarms are pushed in the event it’s a rural area and it’s animals moving about.

I would like to set the motion sensitivity based on object size, so I could set it to detect anything larger than a cat. Currently, even with the motion sensitivity set to the lowest setting, my spotlight camera above my garage alerts me to squirrels, blowing leaves, cats, etc. that I don’t care about. If I set it to “people only” mode then it won’t alert me if someone pulls a car into my driveway.

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I like the idea, I suggested quite a while ago that it allow for a personal recorded message, such as used in voicemail. e.g. “I’m busy and can’t come to the door right now”, “you’re being recorded”, etc…

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I have two spotlight cameras, front and rear. What I’d like is an option to link the two so that if the alarm is triggered on one, the other camera would also sound the alarm. You can link them for recording and lights so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement I wouldn’t have thought.

I already use the motion schedules so I don’t get alarms when I’m home, but the camera is still recording and sending to the Ring cloud everything that’s happening in the home. I know there’s a way to turn off Recording, but you need to manually enable it, and eventually, the long-promised “Modes” might help.
I would like to suggest a feature that Recording is only running when Motion is enabled, and have it tied to the Motion Schedule. So when I’m away I can look in on the camera and Motion is reported, but if Motion is disabled, the Video Recording is disabled. Or could we have it so disabling Motion via a schedule doesn’t just disable it on my phone but actually turns off Motion reporting to the Cloud?

Thank you Crazy Cat. Never thought to long press one of the recordings.

The power cord offered on the ring site is rather short. It would be nice if longer power cables were offered for the Ring stick up and spotlight cameras (exterior). For example, 35’, 45’, 50’. Either that or allow multiple shorter cables to be connected together for the desired length. Another option would be to sell spools of cable and easy to connect adapters for both ends, allowing customers to create their own length runs. Exterior outlets on homes are usually limited and long power cord runs are required.


Like the HW especially the PoE camera is great since no need to charge batteries all the time.

But for all the other cameras and probably the doorbell too I would like a power save mode.

Especially the cameras I have in the backyard-garage etc I only need them on if the alarm is away or maye for the home setting and im sleeping I might want them on. Rest of the time its just waste of energy and I also get same push notification that someone is in my backyard.

Sure I know its me!

You have a redit thread on this so expecting to get an ETA back when you will implement this !

A couple of more feature requests since I have been having smart things for 5y and ring is great but behind in many areas.

  1. Allow for other sensors and/or do some slim door sensors. (Aeon labs has some great sensors)

  2. Let the phone app disarm with proximity. If ring app sees home wifi or BLE at least give an option to disarm.

  3. Allow for 3rd party integration and entusiast community.

  4. Make an standalone watch app

The thing about spotlight cam that worries me, is it could be very easy for a potential thief to sneak up behind the camera, and pop the battery out thereby rendering the camera utterly useless. Ring need to manufacture an accessory to either secure the battery door with a security screw, or make use of the screw holes in the bottom of the batteries to make them unable to be taken out without removing the security screw first. Surely this is a given and should already be in place.

I have enjoyed using my Ring indoor cameras since the start of December 2019. However, I’ve unplugged all of them, due to using excessive bandwidth. In December, my data usage went from 550GB in November to 1.2TB. So far in January, I’ve always used 513GB of data. The only things I added to my network were the Ring Indoor cameras.

Since I have a 1TB cap with Comcast, I’m given 2 free months to exceed my 1TB allowance before they charge me a ton of money for overages. Considering I’ve already consumed so much data, I have no choice but to unplug my cameras to see if that reduces data usage.

I’ve already called Ring support on this, and they had no answers. I also have 2 Nest Protect outdoor cameras, and they allow the ability to change video resolution (and thus data usage). Ring needs to add this feature to its cameras, or I’d expect many more people will have issues like mine, and people will walk away from Ring cameras.

Ring is supposed to only send to cloud when there’s a recorded motion event, or you have Live View on… which is far less than what Nest does, generally, as Nest is sending video 24/7… even if it is lower quality, it is still a lot more data.

With a camera that had continuous motion for the holiday season (motorized tree-topper triggered it), it would consume 100gb per day. Since the tree came down, it’s still the most frequented area of our house (kitchen/living room) and is consuming only about 14gb.

I don’t think there’s a bandwidth problem here, unless it’s one of your own making.

If you had actually read my post, and the string that came before it, when you turn off Motion Recording, all you do is turn off alerts, NOT motion recording. Since I work from home, I’m pretty sure that I’m always setting off the recording feature. I’m trying to see if taking the cameras offline actually reduce data consumption. If I find that’s the case, then Ring needs to fix that.

In your post, you even said that your motorized tree turner caused your camera to consume 100GB/day. Do you understand that if that was truly the case, then you would have blown through 1TB of data in around 10 days? And if all the camera consumed was 14GB/day, that’s still 400GB/month. Which is a huge difference from what I’ve used in the past 6 months.

I don’t need snark, I need a real solution from Ring, or someone else. This is not “of my own making”, unless you count walking around my house, and oh, breathing. If you have a solution, great. Otherwise, keep your comments to yourself.

First off, I read your post. And I didn’t see any string leading into it, so no, that wasn’t read.

I did, however, read the documentation. And the documentation from Ring is that it only sends when there’s something being recorded.

You’ll note that the 100gb per day is for continuous recording. And I honestly don’t care if I consumed 30TB in the month… I’m not billed (nor capped) on traffic. If I did care, I’d simply have whittled out that section of the motion zone.

In our most heavily frequented room, I’m seeing only 14gb per day. As in, the room that is almost continuous recording when someone’s home. On Nest’s lowest setting, you’ll be moving 1.6gb per day in data – add ~20% overhead for the real number… and have a video quality so low you’d might as well not bother.

So, no, Ring doesn’t need to do anything about this. It might be nice to have, but there are plenty of other things that Ring _ needs _ to do. What _ you _ need to do is get a data plan that can handle the traffic you’re wanting to put on the network. 1TB per month is just pitiful for modern streaming and IoT use.

And I’ll use however much snark I want, thankyouverymuch.

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Not connecting to go live

I want to be able to activate different motion detect zones for day and late night.

Example during the day my motion detect zone is only door to my house since i dont want it to trigger as people walk by my sidewalk.

At night I want to activate another motion detect zone that goes far away and detects people walking on the sidewalk. In our area there are lots of 2am car thefts going on.

Nobody is walking outside then except criminals.

I want to active this zone at night maybe after 1am when only criminals are outside.

Today you allow mulitple zones but they can’t be setup differently.

Please offer higher resolution security cameras that can read License Plates. While your current cameras are helpful in capturing crime in action, oftentimes the footage is not enough evidence for police to chase the crime. Such is the case in a big city that I live in, where sprees of car break-ins and “porch pirates” run amuck. Without a clear picture of the license plate, most cases are cold.


Just installed the Interior Cam Today, and found the ‘Draw a Motion Area’ to be very helpfull, is there a plan to add this feature to the Stick Up Cams? Would be really good if you did.