Security Cams Feature Request

Hello, I have used my Spotlight cam to observe my back door on a patio. It seems to work great except for one significant issue. There are many times that I would like to turn off the motion and video features all together while I have a patio party for example… Also, I sit on my patio everyday to enjoy my back yard and I am always being recorded. This is a problem for me. The only way I have been able to accomplish this is to get my ladder and pull the battery. This pretty much makes my cam useless for practival use. Therefore, I request that the development team add the ability to choose either or both motion and recording as options to suspend using snooze. Then I could not only defeat the motion notiifications, but I could also defeat recordings. This is prudent in many ways: first, it will allow my battery to last more than a month, second, it will save enermous amount of space on the recording server and internet bandwidth, and lastly, it will reduce the ridiculus amount of email notificaitons I receive. It would be similiar to conserving water or electricity. It will make this device more ECO friendly. Thanks


Hello, we love the floodlight cam, but would really like to be able to have different detection zones for night time and day time use. I know there is a way to turn off motion detection based on schedule but that’s not good enough.



I agree. I want this to be possible on the spot light camera just like it is on the doorbell pro.


We thought these would go well with the other feature requests, so I moved it over to this thread. Thank you for sharing this detailed request @veener79 and for sharing your interest @barta2019!

I’ve done the same for your request @BeSafe. As it is a popular one, let’s compile it with the others for reinforcing value while we share these with the team :slight_smile:


As someone who is using the indoor stick up cameras it’s very disappointing to me that there isn’t an easy way to only record when I’m away. Competitors do this with geofencing via your phone (one option). However I’ve also got a full Ring Protect security system that seems to have zero (or near zero?) integrations with the camera…? Why can’t I set the camera to only be on when I’m away in the security system? There’s also IFTTT/Alexa integrations, but they are shallow enough that they don’t support functionality which would let me solve this problem there either…


To build off this last message with having a Ring Alarm system I would love to setup my cameras to interact more with it. When the system is Disarmed I could pick what cameras I want recording or disarmed. When Armed all cameras are armed.


I would like an API that will allow me to turn the light on and off. There has been an issue with the Light Schedule being erratic for over a month now with no fix in sight. An API will allow me to schedule the light on and off outside the Ring app.

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It already has that. It’ s under motion settings.

It would be so much better to just have a calendar and we pick the day we want to view events instead of having to scroll through a whole bunch to get to the day we want. Look at the way Wyze has theirs setup. It so much easier.
Also the trigger on the battery cameras needs to be improved. I get hits all night long because of cats.


Merging this to the feature request thread, with the other great ideas. We are always looking to improve our device and app features, so thank you for sharing this with us!

As I said in my post, the Light Schedule has not been working properly. My Floodlight Cam will sometimes ignore the Light Schedule and not turn on or off according to schedule and will sometimes turn on and off at seemingly random times.

There are a handful of us that have opened a trouble ticket and have a couple of threads open discussing this. The only thing we’ve been told it’s that they know about the issue and they’re working on this issue. But it’s been going on for a couple of months now. Hence, my request for an API.

I’ll be honest, I’m really not liking the camera system. First off, I have the security system but Ring doesn’t tie in. If my alarm goes off, or entry is detected, it should start recording.

The 30 second recording is a joke. It’ll record me for 30 seconds but suddenly stop. If I were a criminal, I would just have to set the camera off for 30 seconds and then I can commit crimes because it never records again for about two minutes. What a joke! Not that it matters since the sensitivity settings are an absolute joke. I have to visualize in my head where it’s trying to record, but it takes me weeks to get it set right. Even then, I get bombarded with false positives alerts. Most of the time it’s nothing. And that’s with the sensitivity set to light.

Even though I installed outside AP’s for the cameras and they all have really good signal, I still get the “black screen” when connecting (and it’s remarkably slow, even on local wifi with a 1gbps backend). I have a combination of Unifi APs and Synology router, so no, it’s not a local wifi issue.

I think my biggest issues are:

  • 30 second recording
  • Not recording for a few minutes after recording for 30 seconds, I can literally wave my hands in front of it
  • Sensitivity settings are a complete joke/disaster
  • No way to see where I’m actually setting the zones, since it’s just a poorly designed graphic
  • Mic/Audio feedback is an absolute joke - I get mostly static and people can’t hear me at all on any of my 3 cameras
  • 2 hour snooze? really? And i can’t snooze it two times to make it 4 hours? Really? What are we in 1950s?
  • Slow, black screen, even with good signal (45, 42, 62 RSSI) Ironically, the device with the worst signal loads the fastest.
  • I have to use the light motion sensors to trigger my cameras because of the junk sensitivity issues with the solar cameras.

I don’t care if my battery is low. I’d rather catch someone stealing things out of my yard. Allow us to increase the 30 second recording and give us better motion zones.

Ironically, to top things off, this st*pidforum software also breaks Chrome’s spell check to use it’s own bad third party spell check.

I regret buying the ring products completely.


@Murray wrote:

Hi mackhax0r, have you set the Motion Frequecy to “frequent”? This will help reduce the cooldown/gap between motion triggered videos to the minimum.

Yeah, I can’t set it to “frequent”. I’ll get bombarded by false-positives because the frequency is to high. Give thanks to the genius way of setting up the motion zones… it’s nearly impossible to properly setup.

@veener79 wrote:

Outdoor camera with Solar and duel bateries should have more more motion settings avaialble like a plug in camera does. With Solar and Duel bateries you have a ton a batery life mostly with the solar I can’t get one below 88% even after doing a lot of lawn work around them. With in a couple hours I am back to 100%.

I just got the duel setup because knowing once winter comes cooler temps and less sun might into to the bareries more.

I’d spend so much money if I could get real options with the dual batteries. There’s no point in having dual batteries right now since the single battery never goes below 90%. The design decisions in the software is absolutely terrible.


Another request would be to give those of us who want to record longer the option too. Maybe set up a way through IFTT.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. I wanted to remind everyone, this is a feature request thread for new features that can be implemented to improve our devices for everyone. Our battery devices function in a way that is common for streaming battery devices in the industry, in which there are battery preservation settings that can be turned off, such as smart alerts.

If a battery powered device is not fitting your needs or environment, this is what we have powered devices for. They natually allow for much more customization and robust operation, due to having constant power resources. Some of these concerns listed can certainly be resolved with our support team who will know just how to tailor these to your environment.

@Marley_Ring if I could have done all powered version’s I would have. My one camera is about 30’ away from a plug and my other is over 70’ away from the nearest plug. You do not make anything that has that long of a cord.

My old Arlo camera used 4 123 batteries and they had some of the settings we are asking for. This is the only large thing I am not happy with on the Ring Software. Geofencing would be nice, but it is not a must.


I made a feature request. We want the ability to enable advanced options so that we have more precise control over recording.

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Hi @mackhax0r please take a look at our Community Guidelines at your earliest convenience. I highly encourage you to give our support team a call as they are able to offer guidance for some of the concerns you mentioned. Please remember, althought the Community has great tips and tricks, this is not a support channel and we encourage you to contact the team that is available 24/7 via phone, chat or email.

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Hi there!

I would like to make two suggestions for the ring spotlight cams or any other rings this may pertain to via the phone app.

My first suggestion would be to add a feature where we can actually set the exact time frame we would like the lights to come on when motion activated instead of just when it gets dark. For example, I don’t want the lights to activate with motion starting at 9pm when it gets dark, but only between 1am-4am.

My second suggestion is a way to be able to select a day from a calendar or utilize a search option so you can refer back to previous dates recordings. It is so difficult to have to scroll back through so many days of recordings if you need to look back for something. For example, it’s Saturday and your neighbor tells you that their car was accessed on the previous Tuesday night and you need to look back to see if your camera caught anything.

I really like your ring product so keep up the good work. Thank you for considering our suggestions!