Security Cams Feature Request

No, you cannot. It is stupid. Should be able to view live feeds from the dashboard on every camera.

Doorbell cams I cannot for like the last week change angle or zoom on either one of my cameras

Doorbell cams I cannot for the last week change angle or zoom on either one of my cameras

I have guests staying at my property and they have advised that the alarm on the security camera activated at 3.00am this morning. I did not receive a notification and there is nothing in my events. Just to be sure how do I permanently disarm the alarm from your ring floodlight camera? Thank you

I have aquired indoor cams for my Ring System which includes a full perimeter and 6 motion detectors. I seldom use the indoor cams because I don’t want them recording when we are home. I would like them to arm when armed and away is selected on the base station. I would also like the exterior cameras to turn on when the alarm is triggered, or at least selected ones. As it is, I only use the indoor cams in live mode.

All related to the Ring Floodlight Cam:

  1. Ability to turn on the floodlights anytime the camera motion zone is triggered (basically override the light motion zones).

  2. Ability to pause motion zones and recording for a period of time. Particularly want to be able to disable the floodlights for say the next X hours. (Turning them on and off resets the distance that you set)

  3. Be able to snooze motion alerts for longer than 4 hours. Sometimes I want to snooze the alerts for an entire day, or an entire weekend.


I have 4 Flood Light Cameras. I would like to submit a feature request to allow users to trigger all camera alarms simultaneously. If someone is breaking into my house and I catch them on camera, I want to be able to cause as much noise as I can in the shortest amount of time. Having to trigger each individual alarm is too time consuming in a situation like that.


@Stitch They are supposed to be launching a new feature that allows cameras to be connected to the Alarm modes (to solve you indoor cam issue).

You can already link your cameras to your alarm so they will turn on when your alarm goes off. Go to the Base Station device and choose the Linked Devices option.

The stick up camera I have has a siren that can be activated for only 30 seconds. Why so little time? I fail to see the purpose of having just a 30 second siren activated?

Have a notice on the box of stick up battery camera, “do not purchase if you are prone to power outages and go on vacation as you need someone to be on the premise to push the reset button”

Now I know why the commercial says “Ring always home” basically you have to be, not happy with this product. The whole idea of a security system is to protect your home when you are away.

That would be perfect

Thanks, I already linked my exterior cams, but forgot that feature when I added the indoor cams. I would still like them fully integrated with the base station as motion sensors/cameras when in away and armed mode.

Please at least let us decide how much recording time is enough! A mandatory 20 sec cutoff makes me not even want to subscribe to the service since it’s useless. It doesn’t even restart recording until a long pause, by then the perp has already completed what they wanted to do. I’m sure they are aware of this video cutoff time and use it to their advantage knowing that we cannot customize it. This has got to change. Even if you let us set the cutoff time up to 3 minutes or so realizing that it will compromise battery time. Please give us the choice so this is not a useless device!



Well over a year ago, when there was a major update of the app for Battery Spotlight cams, there was a notification that a future upgrade in 2019 would include the ability to set sensitivity for the cameras to only report on people-sized movements. That upgrade does not appear to have materialised but would be great if it did.


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I have asked about this option as well as I have heard of other instances of the siren blaring without using the app. Curious, how did your guests turn it off? My camera (HD Mount model) is hard-wired so I’m thinking if I can’t turn it off via the app I’d need to go to my electric panel. Thinking of replacing it for this exact reason.

I agree, continuous recording while motion is detected would be ideal. I have my motion frequency set to “frequent” but that doesn’t prevent it from only recording in 30 second clips.


Fix the dam app

Works fine for me.

The “full” Ring app is a little slow to open alerts, but Rapid Ring does a fine job of that…

Please add the capability to have cameras automatically alert, via voice, that they are trespassing and being recorded anytime the motion sensor is activated. Please leave the premises immediately. This should be repeated multiple times when motion is detected and have the capability to be set off manually. This should be an option on every camera that you can turn on and off.

Would also like the ability to have cameras record 24/7, non stop

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