Security Cams Feature Request

the ability to play a recorded message just before the recording stops, similar to a default voicemail message. As an example, when I can’t get to the phone right away, because I’m not at home/driving, etc…, it would be nice to inform the person at the door “sorry I can’t come to the door right now”… However, if I take control of the camera before the recording ends, then don’t play the default message (similar to answering the phone). That way anyone coming to the door will leave after the first 30 second notification. I would just turn this feature on when I leave home or don’t want to be bothered, in effect, putting it in an auto answer mode.


I’d like to request the ability to see when my Spotlight Cam Battery was last charged to 100% or when the camera itself was offline. We are waiting on our secondary battery, but didn’t make a note of when we last charged the one we have. It would help us gauge if the battery is getting excessively drained at any point in time or when it’s time to order a new battery. I don’t think I can find this information anywhere in my app or in the activity history.

I’d also like to piggy back off a few other requests, and request that when motion is snoozed for x amount of time, either do not record events at all, or at least do not initiate the spotlight if motion is detected and the time is within the spotlight schedule. I sit outside where the camera is, and while I don’t mind snoozing the notificactions for a while, it is a burden to constantly be blinded with the light anytime I stand up or cause a bit of motion.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired - power cable detachable

Request to have Spotlight Cam Wired power cable detachable so the wire can be go through the garage drill hole? Otherwise, folks have to take everything apart.




Is there an update on a Ring API that will allow me to turn the Floodlight on/off outside of the Ring app?

In this thread, new users are starting to post having issues with the Light Schedule:

I am currently not experiencing an issue but if the problem is re-surfacing, an API would solve the issue for me.

I’d like a feature to be able to have a different schedule for different motion zones especially for my floodlight cam. For the zone immediately next to my house, I would like motion alerts 24/7. However, for motion alerts at the street, I would only like motion alerts during sleeping hours to catch people checking cars at 3-4am. Naturally, I’d like to have no motion alerts in the street during waking hours. Currently, I can only schedule all my zones to send motion alerts together and not separately.


Ring Developers can you create a new feature with the floodlight cam that will allow you to set the zoom level on the camera other than the default. Also when you’re watching a recording can you zoom in and out by pinching the screen

I would love to have the ability to have an interactive screen that I can monitor just my cameras. I’ve been wanting to place a touch screen monitor (using raspberry pi) or even an iPad or other tablet on a wall in my kitchen to display my cameras. I know I could just use the app on an iPad but then my alarm is available for anyone to disarm or arm. I would like to just have a touchscreen that displays my cameras, that allows me to select any camera and zoom in on activity. If someone is pulling into my driveway, I can select that camera and see who it is. If they approach my door and ring my doorbell, I can select that camera… and so on.

I replaced all of my flood lights with the Ring floodlights (without the camera) and now would like to add a camera to those areas. I would like a mod kit to allow me to add a camera above (or below) the existing floodlight. Ideally, a hardwired camera that would wire into the same junction box and mount as the existing flood lights. Which brings me to my next feature request; I love the Stick-up cam design and I appreciate the various options for power (PoE, USB, plug-in) but I would love the option to hardwire them. This could be as simple as a mini USB converter with wires that connect to your existing junction box wires. Ideally, nothing would need to be modified on the camera itself. I understand that the spotlight camera was just released with this feature, but I dont need the spotlight siince I have the flood lights.

At this point my options are:

  1. Throw away the floodlights and replace them all with $250 Flood light Cameras (unlikely).
  2. Spend $200 on Spotlight Cameras and find a way to modify the exisiting flood lights on my own to allow me to hardwire them. (Less Unlikely)
  3. Buy $99 Stick-up Cameras and use PoE (more likely). However, if hardwired was an option with this camera, I would definitely go that route.

I totally agree. It’s a pain to have to turn on indoor cameras every time we leave the house and set the alarm.

Just want to add my support to this suggestion:

PLEASE add the ability to arm/disarm indoor cameras along with the security system. It’s a pain to have to do it manually, and I’m guessing more than a few customers don’t want their indoor cameras recording them when they’re home.

Thank you!

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There is a mode setting coming soon that will allow the settings for cameras for each mode.

I have a Ring Video Doorbell and three Stick Up Cameras (battery version) that I’ve now used for several months… I understand that you can already control the “MOTION ALERTS” based on a pre-determined schedule set under Motion Settings > Advanced Settings > Motion Schedule button. However, I would like to request a similar feature allowing the Stick Up Camera’s “RECORD MOTION” to be enabled / disabled (in other words, power them up / down to preserve battery life) on a pre-determined schedule as well. Also, it is currently awkward to have to cycle through the cameras one-at-a-time to power them up or down, or otherwise change any settings so allowing the cameras to be grouped into one or more groups would be extremely valuable as well. For example, being able to control “RECORD MOTION” for multiple cameras with a single click, as well as doing so per a schedule as described above would be most helpful. Thanks for your consideration!

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@SynVisions wrote:

As someone who is using the indoor stick up cameras it’s very disappointing to me that there isn’t an easy way to only record when I’m away. Competitors do this with geofencing via your phone (one option). However I’ve also got a full Ring Protect security system that seems to have zero (or near zero?) integrations with the camera…? Why can’t I set the camera to only be on when I’m away in the security system? There’s also IFTTT/Alexa integrations, but they are shallow enough that they don’t support functionality which would let me solve this problem there either…

To elaborate on this, for us “lucky” folks that have data caps on our Internet plan, in a setup with 4 cameras + online streaming (no cable, of course) the ability to have the system NOT upload video when we are home would be beneficial. I thought setting the motion ‘schedule’ would accomplish this, but that however just prevents the alerts. Maybe it could be a toggle option when setting up the scedule.


This is exactly what I was talking about. This one feature where you can set a schedule NOT to record. I know there is a motion schedule, but it merely silences alerts. Most people are on a schedule where they go to work Monday-Friday. This is where the feature to disable recording via a schedule would come in handy.

I have 3 floodlights and a Doorbell Pro. I was surpised to find that when I snooze all alarms it only snoozes the alarm for the app on my phone. My wife and 2 daughters have the app on their phones as well. If a camera is set for snooze there should be an option to snooze it on all devices. If I am working in the yard I should be able to snooze all cameras for 2 hours and that shut down notifications for all devices including Alexa.


Request the Ring doorbell cam and security cams ignore small animals. Besides my cats and neighbors’ dogs the doorbell picks up squirrels and snakes. It would be a lot less busy if the outside cameras could/would ignore small animals like my inside cameras do. Thanks!

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I hope they DON’T change the fact the cameras record small critters. That is one of the reasons I got the cameras for around the outside of my house. If someone doesn’t want the cameras recording small critters, change the sensitivity. If that doesn’t work, then maybe Ring can include a different setting that is for people only. Then those who want to record small critters can, and those who don’t can as well.

There IS a people only setting. problem is it doesn’t work at night. So if I were to have my phone set to alert me at night, I would be woken up a LOT. Mine has picked up blowing rain/stuff, a neighbors cat, my wife’s van pulling in, all while on “people only”. It works during the day fairly well.

I wish people would contain their cats. I don’t have any animals, I shouldn’t have to deal with the animals of others on my property. Should be illegal.

Will Ring come out with a garage door controller with a camera, similar to Momentum’s Niro universal WiFi garage door system? I find myself sometimes questioning if I closed my garage door, which I did forget to do a couple of times… It would be great if I could verify with camera and remotely close the garage door, if it was open. Plus, use the camera as a security camera, with motion detection, if someone entered the garage…

Integrate it with a garage door opener, similar to Momentum’s Niro Universal WiFi garage door system. I have accidentally left my garage door open a couple of times. I can put an indoor Ring camera in the garage. But if I found that the garage was open, I would have to drive home to close it. If I could remotely close the garage door via the Ring app, that would be awesome! Plus, still have the camera as a motion detection device for the garage, to see who is coming and going from the garage…

I’d like the ability to view my ring camera LIVE feeds (not recordings) from the website, rather than from my phone app. This way I can peep in on my cameras from a computer, without having to use cell phone data to view the live feed. An ability to share the live feed via a link would also be nice, so that I could share the LIVE feed with family or friends.