Security cameras Motion alerts and Mode settings

Hi! Question is mainly for developers. Can you please put an option for Motion alerts when you set Modes? In mode settings you can Enable/disable Motion detection and Enable/disable Live View only. For example I want Motion alerts in Away mode for camera in Hallway. So I know if someone will move there when I’m away. And when I come back home I’ll put Mode to Home and want it automatically disable Motion alerts in Home mode.

The Ring app has many features available to control motion notifications. Modes can be customized in many ways, and you are not forced to use Home, Away, and Disarmed in only those states. You may use any Mode as you desire. I recommend also checking out Geofencing, which can Auto-Snooze your Ring Video Doorbell after you enter your geofence. For instance - you may not want your phone to buzz with a Ring motion alert when you walk up to your own Ring Video Doorbell.

There is also Motion Scheduling that is perfect for scheduling times when you wish to not receive alerts for motion.

Feel free to check out our Feature Request Board to vote on requests and/ or make a new request. :slight_smile: