Security camera or doorbell?

Hi there, I would like to get some security at my front door. I have the battery spotlight cam at the rear of my property and think it’s great, but what is the difference with the doorbell? I don’t know which to use for the front door.

Hi there, @LcKc63! You’re at the right place for some great suggestions.

Choosing which Video Doorbell is best for your entryway will depend on factors such as accessibility, wall orientation, wiring convenience, entryway features, and traffic to your entryway.

@Caitlyn_Ring has an excellent breakdown for Choosing the Right Video Doorbell for Your Home, with a link to more resources.

Feel free to check back here to see if other neighbors have made recommendations for you. :slight_smile:

I know about the different ring doorbells. What I wasnt sure about is whether to have a doorbell, stick up cam or security cam at the front door. I cannot find any where what the difference would be.
I have a street light right outside my door so do not need the same as the camera i have at the back of my property.
Just are not sure whether to get a doorbell or a stick up cam.

I got really good information from this content. Thanks for sharing.

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No worries, @LcKc63! We’ve got plenty of ways to compare Ring device types. Check out our Comparison Guides here. This will compare all Ring Doorbell and Camera models, so you can easily see the difference between each. I recommend also visiting and viewing the actual product page for each of our devices, specifically the “tech specs” section of the page, as this will show you great information such as resource, installation, and environmental requirements. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help.

I have decided on a stick up cam as I not only want to see the front of my house but also the side.

I have a subscription plus so can I get 10% discount on the stick up cam? If so how do I do that.