Security cam

I am unable to access the videos on my phone. It says I need to join Link a $ each month. Is this correct as I was not aware when purchasing the cam I was to continuously pay a monthly amount. Iitially I would get a message there was movement then I could access on my phone the video and see what the movement was. I can not do that now.

Hi @shaes60. When you first set up a Ring device, you will get a 30 day free trial of the Protect Plus Plan. After this trial period, you will be unable to have storage of videos from your event history, and will only be able to access the Live View. In addition, if you miss a notification, you will be unable to play back the recording and only be able to see the Live View. If you only have the one device, I recommend getting the Ring Protect Basic Plan, as this covered video storage for one device on a location.