Second Ring Pro device does not power on

I installed a second Ring Pro doorbell device on my backdoor. The new device does not power on. I left it connected overnight and it still does not show any sign of powering on. I disconnected and reconnected, still it does not power on. The reading on my volt meter indicates I have 23.7v available. The transformer is 30amp. I did put the power kit on the proper terminals (backdoor and transformer) as per the on-line instructions for a single doorbell.

The front door has an identical device which works perfectly. It has been installed for many years.

I have run out of ideas to try fixing this issue. Any ideas would be helpful.

Hey @Hall1234. Have you reached out to our support team on this? This is a great place to start so that they can take a deeper look into your account, device and troubleshoot with you over the phone to get the device back up and running for you. Please reach out to them here at anytime and feel free to let us know what you were able to do so it may help other neighbors in the future!