Searching for video

Is there any way we can search video by dates? Stop forcing me to scroll through videos in sequential orders. For example if I want to look at footages from 30 days ago then I am forced to scroll through a list of videos from day 1 to day 29.

Not very efficient and is very time consuming


I am in a high traffic area so I get a lot of videos I think you need much better search options so I don’t spend the whole day looking for one video!

I agree. Searching through hundreds of videos just doesn’t work. Especially where both the website and app provide no assistance by filters. Plus the scrolling is very poor.

I agree. This is ridiculous. Nest is so much better about finding what you are looking for. I am trying to help a neighbor identify a car for a burglary and it’s going to take me an hour to look at something from last week.

Web UI for searching for recorded videos is basically unusable. There is no easy way to hop around trying to locate a point in time where something goes missing (or arrives). Imagine doing a binary search over a 2 month range trying to find a video where something is in a particular area of the video frame. There should be an easy way to say filter to videos where motion happens in a rectangle of the video frame.