Screw Driver issue driving me nuts

So I have two (2) of these screwdrivers sent to me By RING in 2 separate occasions and the last 2 times I had to mention that the previous one they sent won’t fit on the head of the security screw. My unit is hardwired and was told this is an older unit (more than 3years old) .Ring also sent me a cover , something that I didn’t request or needed . Anyway, I called RING again last week to again remind them that they sent me a screwdriver that won’t fit. So I hope this 3rd request is a charm. I just hope they don’t send me a refrigerator I didn’t request.

At this point my ring camera isn’t working , I can’t remove the security screws to reset the unit. Maybe I’ll just sledgehammer the unit to pieces THEN maybe then I will be able to unscrew the screw , if I can find it among the broken pieces. Next time in the survey , I will wait to rate my experience until I receive the screwdriver as I feel cheated after giving a 10. Smh. #frustrated #youcanringmybell btw Does anyone need a screwdriver?

Hi @ElmorG. I hope that you receive the correct screwdriver this time. In case your screwdriver is lost again, we do sell replacements in our Spare Parts Kit. These Spare Part Kits are available for all of our Ring Products. I hope this helps!