Screeching noise from floodlight

Today I arrive home and the floodlight is screeching — I called ring support and they wanted me to hit a button on the floodlight not possible because it’s 2 stories high — has anyone else had this issue — sounds like thousands of bugs mating — if you have experienced this how did you resolve it??

Hey @Tfull03! Is this happening when answering an event/ live streaming, or is this sound constantly coming from your device? Keep in mind, if there are any major interferences in wifi connection, audio may not operate as intended.

If this sound is consistently coming from your device and not during a video stream, please continue troubleshooting with our support team, as they can take an in-depth look at this matter.

Yes. Just happened this morning 6/14/2020
I tried to hold reset button for extended time like 5 to 6 seconds first couple times it didn’t do anything. Then my food light went on and I reset with hold again and somehow it got fixed. That is so strange because this screeching was so loud I could hear it inside my house.

We have 4 Floodlight Cameras, installed about a year ago. Today one of my floodlight Camera was squealing. You could hear it inside the house, it was a constant squeal. I openned the app up, clicked on the Camera, and hit alarm. You could faintly hear the alarm, but the sqealing was much louder. I turned the alarm off, but the squealing continued. I turned the power to the Camera off, then turned it back on 15 seconds later. The squealing stopped.