Schlage Connect Zwave plus lock settings not found in the Ring Dashboard, only lock/unlock

the lock shortcut is visible and active in Ring,

thats not the issue the LOCK Shortcut only allows me to lock/unlock door.

however my issue is i can not edit settings for lock and when i lock the doors its supposed to arm the ring security and unlock door disarms.

this function works if i go to the lock and manually lock the door the ring arms, unlock with code it disarms.

so i know the lock is functioning and integrated with Ring but on the dashboard the lock shortcut only locks and unlocks and missing any setting functions and does NOT arm and disarm alarm…

can you ask a IT tech support if the RING APP Schlage connect lock shortcut should function normal and include a settings option?

i believe it should as these locks depend on 3rd party app to be accessed and controlled, Schlage does not offer a separate app for their Zwave plus locks , why would ring stop at just allowing the lock/unlock function in the Ring dashboard labeled locks?

IMO it needs a settings tab to go and change the lock settings as well as full functionality as i described above.

Having to open the dashboard and go to ring doorbell to turn off motion to leave house, then go to Lock, hit lock then go to Alarm to arm.

the lock already is communicating with the Ring alarm and can turns it on and off , so why not have the Lock shortcut be able to also do this?