Schlage Connect can just use 4 digit codes (Ring Base Alarm limitation!!!)

I discovered in a bad way today that my Schlage connect door lock, even allowing 4 to 8 digits codes, can just work with 4 digits codes while connected to Ring Base Alarm, since it use the same Base Alarm code as door codes. Even worst, this information is not showed in any place, all the configuration I did before on Schlage was lost (changing to 8 digit codes, all the 8 digit codes I programmed, etc.).

This is a serious limitation of Ring Base Alarm, that just allows 4 digit codes. I can’t believe that this is a complex change to be done in the base alarm software. This would increase a lot the security of the system, especially when integrated with door locks like Schlage or any other manufacturer.

RING: Please fix this. Or properly inform your customers about this limitation of your system (it’s not a limitation of Schlage!!!).


Hi @MLazarin. At this time, only codes created in the Ring app will work with the lock when it is connected to the Ring Alarm. Any codes created within the smart lock itself will not work to report back and forth with your Ring Alarm. This is covered in our Ring Help Center Article here. You can find a bit more of detailed information in our other article here as well.

For the specific request of being able to have 4-8 digit pins like your lock alone has, it is a great idea! I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team so it can be acknowledged and looked into for future. :slight_smile:


Any idea of how long to have this implemented? I’m not the only one complaining about this, there are other complains about the same here and other forums (Google will show that!). I was never expecting an alarm system to decrease the capabilities of connected devices, but to increase it. Limiting the use of just 4 digits really decrease the security of the Schlage lock. Please implement this ASAP!


@MLazarin At this time I do not have an ETA, but will update this forum if it does become implemented! :slight_smile:

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I second that! It would be great to have the option to use more than 4 digits for the ring alarm codes!!!


Please fix this. It’s astonishing that it’s 2020 and a current security system is behaving like a 1970 system and limited to a 4 digit code


I have the same problem with the Kwikset Smart Code 888.

A fix would make the combination of ring + lock much more useful.

My workaround now is to manually enter the longer 4-8 pins at the lock itself.

These work and the ring app knows they exist but it can not manage them (boo).

We use the ring app to unlock most of the time so these pins are mainly a backup method.

For the Kikset it is suppose to sound some type of alarm if you enter the wrong code

three times in a row (not tested). This may deter someone from trying to guess a 4 digit pin. I am not willing to test that theory.

Please fix !

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Any news on this? Do you have an ETA to have this implemented?

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Hey @MLazarin, happy to chime in for Chelsea here. We do not currently have an ETA or any news to share on this, but we will update this forum accordingly if it is a feature that becomes implemented! Smiley Happy

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I complained about how the 4 digit pin needs to be longer for the door locks about a year ago and they claimed that they would pass it along to the team. While I will still use ring, this company just doesn’t care about security.

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Reading many months later that you still do not have an ETA (or even if it will be changed) for sure does not makes me a happy customer. It’s unacceptable that a security company that wants to be considered serious cannot work with more than 4 digit codes. Implementing a security system that reduces the security level supported by the lock (up to 8 digits) sounds like a joke!! If I would recommend Ring to anyone? I think my answer above explains my feelings!! Shame on you, Ring!!!

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I agree. 4 Digits is unacceptable. Same issue with my Yale lock. It’s a security system!!

Same here. It does not make sense it only supports 4 digits, not 8 ! Please change it soon.

Seems that Ring does not even care about our comments and/or requests. Even us pointing them weakenesses on their system, they don’t even provide any information if they are trying to fix this. I’m really disapointed, but seems that having disapointed or upset customers do not means anything to the company.

Thank you for sharing this feedback , neighbors! As mentioned prior in the thread, we’ve shared this with our teams here and will certainly update the Community if we hear anything further. Keep an eye on the News and Announcement section for any updates, as well.

In the meantime, feel free to also share this on our Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. We will, of course, continue to share the feedback! :slight_smile:

While I would obviouly prefer to have Ring fully functional with the Schlage Connect lock, my priority is to have a secure home.

A 4 digit lock entry code is, IMO, not secure. With this in mind, I set up my Ring Alarm / Schlage Connect this way…

  • changed Schlage lock directly to use > 4 digit codes

  • added Schlage users (at the lock) with > 4 digit codes

  • added Schlage device to Ring Alarm using the device ID (not programming code).

With the above config, we can still monitor the lock state using the Ring app, get alerts, and perform lock/unlock from the Ring app. Another upside is that the manually configured Schlage lock codes do not match the Ring Alarm codes, which I feel is a good security measure.

Downside is not knowing which Schlage lock user unlocks the door (just “Unlocked by code”) or being able to use the Ring app to manage lock codes.

If/when Ring eventually gets around to allowing > 4 digit codes, I may consider merging these systems. Meanwhile, Ring is handicapped with only 4 digit codes.

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Hi, BryanB. Thanks for the tip, aprecciate, but this workaround does not solve the problem that Ring created. How can they say they are a secure system if they cannot even provide a secure number of digits while interfacing with door lock systems? And this is not a problem with Schlage, but reading this thread you see it’s a problem with other brands too.

Again, thanks for your tip, but I’m still really upset with a “security system” that reduces the security strenght provided by the devices it connects to…

An upset customer!!!


This request is already there (, but of course Ring is not giving proper attention to a big security flaw like this!!!

For the others upset with this limitation in a “security system”, please go the link ( and like it, maybe with more people requesting the same feature Ring will start to listening their customers!!!

Hi BryanB, could you elaborate on how you were able to add your Schlage lock to Ring using the device ID instead of the programming code method? I haven’t been able to find any other info on how to do this. Thanks!