Save video local on NAS


My internet is currently not working, so I would like to save my video locally on my Synology NAS. My internal wifi is working fine.

How do I do that? Right now my security cameras is a bit useless because they cannot be accessed from the ring account even though I have a protect plus plan.

You can’t but their new Alarm Pro ( Home Security Systems, Alarm Systems & Accessories | Ring) product does allow saving to it locally.

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damn, this should be a software update. I really dislike a lot of stuff on these ring products.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any company that offers a cloud service also allow you to save to your own local devices. How would they make monthly subscription money if they did that?

They can make the service available if I pay the subscription

Leave your feature suggestion in the Feature Request Board ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community). If enough people vote on it Ring might consider it.

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Thanks for sharing, very helpful and informatic for me.