Samsung smart fridge


I’ve been using ring on my samsung fridge for about 2 years now but I noticed something must have changed about 2-3 days ago where the fridge was no longer able keep & maintain session credentials. I’ve noticed there is a 2FA enabled now for my account and maybe this is the reason why the session expires, but if this is the case I would like to know if there is a workaround for the fridge to stay logged? In the past I have had similar issues and I had to clear Ring app cache from the storage, but I don’t think this will be any helpful right now (I actually tried that but as expected - wasn’t very helpful)

Can you please advise?

Many thanks in advance

Hey neighbor!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I wanted to reach out to Samsung Support for this concern specifically, as it seemed to be something on their end from what I’ve seen in your post, and other neighbors in the Community.

Samsung has stated that you may be having a concern with your device and the Ring app that they have recently reported on. They ask for our neighbors to try to add the “Ring Widget” to the home screen (Long press on home screen -> select Widgets -> choose Ring). They state that if the devices appear on the widget, you are logged in and should be ok. Although, you may not see your devices there, as the Ring App will not work with the OS on the fridge since the “One Time Token mechanism has been removed,” as they described it. They also stated that they are currently testing an alternative app to replace the current “Ring App.” The update for this is expected by end of June.

Feel free to report back once you notice that you have gotten this update, or with any other interactions you may have when reaching out to Samsung Support! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your response!

I really appreciate you went extra mile here by reaching out to Samsung! Although what they’ve provided as an answer doesn’t quite match the reality, I will accept this as a solution as I believe there isn’;t much you (Ring) can do on your side considering this is another vendor/software.

Once again thanks and I can only say that … I really wished Samsung’s support was at least half as good as Ring’s is … :slight_smile:


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