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I have a Samsung smart fridge with the Ring App built in.

I can log in to my ring door bell and it works but it constantly keeps logging out meaning I have to enter my login details again.

Any ideas how to stay logged in ?

Many thanks


Hey @dp99. There’s a couple things we can try to see if we can get your Ring app on your smart fridge to keep you logged in. First, I would recommend to clear the app cache using by going into your Fridge’s settings and going to Apps -> Storage -> Apps > Ring -> Clear Cache. From there, log in, and monitor it as you normally would and see if it keeps you logged in. Secondly, if you’re still being logged out, try removing the app and redownloading it, as sometimes a fresh install helps as well.

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Thanks for the reply

OK I have made some progress !

I have deleted the app data

After doing this, hey presto a ring doorbell picture appeared instead of the login details in the widget.

I can now view the doorbell live and recieve calls from the widget withount constantly having to login ! so good news

It doesnt let me access the event history though, it just says "unable to process your request, try again later.

To be honest I am not that bothered about event history as long as I can view live and answer calls without logging in everytime, I am happy

Thanks for your help, much appreciated



Thank you guy’s this helped me trouble shoot the same issue that I been dealing with for months just have time to do it now and it worked.

A Very big Thank you

Thanks ?‍??


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I have a new smart fridge and I’ve tried clearing the cache as well as deleting and reinstalling the Ring app. The app only stays logged in for brief periods of time. The one time I tested the app on the fridge when I was logged in we could answer the doorbell ring on the Fridge.

Is there an app update coming to fix this? Otherwise this is just a waste of time to keep logging in for a few minutes here and there.

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Hey neighbors!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I wanted to reach out to Samsung Support for this concern specifically, as it seemed to be something on their end from what I’ve seen in your post, and other neighbors in the Community.

Samsung has stated that you may be having a concern with your device and the Ring app that they have recently reported on. They ask for our neighbors to try to add the “Ring Widget” to the home screen (Long press on home screen -> select Widgets -> choose Ring). They state that if the devices appear on the widget, you are logged in and should be ok. Although, you may not see your devices there, as the Ring App will not work with the OS on the fridge since the “One Time Token mechanism has been removed,” as they described it. They also stated that they are currently testing an alternative app to replace the current “Ring App.” The update for this is expected by end of June.

Feel free to report back once you notice that you have gotten this update, or with any other interactions you may have when reaching out to Samsung Support! :slight_smile:


Yes, hopefully this new app or update that is expected in June works. I just tried the clear data/cache approach mentioned in earlier posts and that did not work. It actually never logged me in again and gave me an error instead.

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Still having issues with Fridge staying logged in to Ring. Clearing the cache helps temporarily, but soon I have to repeat the process. An earlier “solution” said to delete the app and reinstall. When I try this, I discovered the uninstall button is grayed out, leaving me without that option. I looked at a few other apps and the uninstall button is grayed out on them as well.

Is there some other way to delete apps and reinstall?

Same thing. I hope to see a different methind that works soon.

Hello Chelsea:

I’m having the same problem of my Ring app being signed out on my Samsung SmartHub refrigerator model # RF22N9781SR/AA.

After signing into my account the App works when the dor bell rings by putting the camera image on the refrigerator. If I decide to go to look at any previous recordings the App signs out and I have to sign in to see those recordings. Quite annoying!

On my 2019 model the Ring app is permanant and can’t be removed.

Is it true the ring app will have a new firware upgrade soon?

I appreciate Ring works with Samsung to make this app work correctly on their Smart Hub Refrigerators.

If anyone else has found a solution to this problem please advise as it will be much appreciated.

I can confirm that this issue is still there on Sep 14th 2020. i have to log into ring app on my Samsung family hub refregrator every time after it goes to sleep.

Do we have any fix for this please? I have tried cleaning the cache multiple times and since we cannot just uninstall the app from fridge, there is nothing more to try.

it does however show when someone rings the doorbell, but i have to log back in to see the history or other stuff from ring door bell.

Please get us fix for this ASAP.



New year, same issue with the ring app not staying logged into the smart fridge. Clear the Cache yet still happens. Have had the fridge for over two years dealing with both same issue.

Hi there, I think that I have found a solution for smart hub Samsung fringe and ring disconnecting problem . I have noticed that in the ring app , under authorised device’s there is no Samsung fridge , so I think that is a problem.
Solution : Go to web browser on Samsung fridge, log on to While logging in tick box “ remember this browser “ . After logging in in the ring app Samsung device will be added to list of authorised devices, close browser and restart your fridge smart hub . And that would solve the problem, it works for last 3 days in my case.

Hello, I have the same issue with ring doorbell pro my Samsung family hub is not in authorized devices? Doorbell is not showing in the family hub because it says that the session has expired. Please help?

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I had to clear cache on the browser and the ring app, and use the 2factor text authentication, but I was able to get it running again.

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I just got the ring app and my samsung fridge is saying “Video Streaming Is Not Available due to the network problem” but the fridge is connected to the wifi.

I have done this but issue is not resolved yet.


I have Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. I have a RING app which just shows Event history. I want to integrated Video door ball. Here are my issues:

  1. When I try to add RING widget i get message ‘Only one RING app can be on home screen’.
  2. I tried to uninstalling the RING app. Bu Uninstall option is disabled

Any suggestions

Hi there, @AvadhVed! The Ring app on the Samsung Refrigerator is created by and maintained by the Samsung team. This is why it is visible on your IOS or Android devices, but not your Samsung Refrigerator. As a quick troubleshooting step, I would ensure that your Samsung Ring app is up to date.

If you are unable to resolve this with an update, I’ve located the Samsung Community here where you might be able to find a solution. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: