RVD2 without being wired to existing doorbell?

I impulsively picked up a Ring Video Doorbell 2 on Amazon pre-Christmas. I like that it has a removable battery and doesn’t have to be hardwired.

My question is, if I don’t wire my existing doorbell to the Ring, does the Ring itself still make a chime of some sort, or will it just go straight to my phone with no audible noise? I’m perfectly okay with this, as I have two dogs who both like to bark immensely whenever the doorbell rings.

Figured I’d ask before I determine the final location of where I’ll be installing it.


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Great question @CrazyCanuck! The existing chime in your home will not sound if the wires are not connected to the Doorbell 2. Usually, I’d recommend one of our Chime devices featuring a dog barking chime tone, but it sounds like you’ll get these types of alert sounds organically. :wink: