RTSP protocol for Ring devices?

Adding my name to the displeasure here. The lack of interoperability came forefront for me when I got rid of my Echo devices. Ring won’t work with anything else.

No app for My android TV

no way to access streams at all outside their app.

For the price this is ridiculous.

I’ll be cancelling my subscription and doing a replace and expand with another product for sure if nothing changes quickly. 100% cannot recommend this to anyone.


I would be happy to pay a subscription to be able to access the RTSP stream so I could attach to my NVR.

Ring (Amazon) are missing a trick here. Users are going to other brands because you won’t enable this feature. Seems quite short sighted to me!


That Model specifically states it works with Blue Iris

@chelsea_Ring I really think Ring needs to start communicating a release date on this feature. If Ring is not acting on these signals than competion will.


Let me be clear… my videostream contains my data and is not owned by Ring.
So please let me also access my data with standard protocols if I decide to do so.

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I need to share.

I have just bought and set up my first Ring device. A Doorbell Pro. £230! I even just subscribed to the Cloud service for a year. I was hoping to use it with the rest of my Smart Home ecosystem (Home Assistant), but the support (read as purposeful locking out of any 3rd part integration) has completely put me off Ring entirely.

I massively regret buying anything Ring, and like everyone else here will not recommend it to ANYONE until you include support for people to access the stream of THEIR OWN camera feeds. This is ridiculous and disappointing. To be honest, I almost want to go out of my way to warn people off of Ring.

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Right now in you are in the aftermath of a storm you have no protection or access to your cameras if the internet is down which is a major reason not to s ell customers Ring devices. If Ring wants to expand to a wider market and appeal to integrators they should include tue protocol.

SO, with the storm that went through MANY states and interrupted MANY services, GUESS WHAT … NO RING!!!

IF i had RSTP and NO internet, I COULD still monitor the vagabonds rooming my neighborhood … BUT NO!!! Amazon and Ring will not let me tap into the stream … NO RTSP … DO NOT BUY !!!

AGAIN … amcrest has has doorbell that you can tap into RTSP when there’s no internet.


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Also voting for RTSP for ring devices for Shinobi and zoneminder integration


Everyone on this thread should upvote this idea in the feature request section. https://community.ring.com/t5/Feature-Request-Board/RTSP-Real-Time-Streaming-Protocol/idi-p/29869


Headline tonight:

Failure to Login and Issues loading the App and Website

RTSP NOW, enough is enough its midnight and I have to sleep with no camera alerts…


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Also voted

one year later - still no news about RTSP even for subscribers. I’m so extremely dissapointed over Ring’s lack of attention to the smart home community.
If I could only sell my Video Doorbell 2. Now it’s just an expensive book case.

What did ya get? I’ve been eye balling an amcrest doorbell. The doorbell needs juice and I haven’t run an electrical lead. So many projects and so little time :slight_smile:


Please add RTSP or ONVIF.

$100 for a competing product from Armcrest which offers RTSP is crazy.

+1 RTSP support would be nice

Where is this firmware to get the RTSP stream? Asking for a friend :-).

I would also like to see RTSP added. Is there a way to submit and vote on feature requests?

Hi @PTejada. Yes! We have a Feature Request Board where you can vote on ideas you like and share your own. :smiley: