Rssi strength Ring 3/Chimepro

Hi , i installed the other day a ChimePro to extend the wifi signal to the Ring 3 mounted outside the door, it works great, signal between Ring 3 and ChimePro always rssi 45/50, the only thing since yesterday is constantly on 64/65, still sufficient but not great as before. Any idea why?

Hi @matteo76usa! It is certainly odd to see such a change in wifi signal. Although the nature of wifi is fluctuate, there may be some interference factors. The first thing I recommend checking is which channel frequency you are using to connect the Chime Pro and the Video Doorbell 3. As they are both dual band compatible, please ensure to use the 2.4 Ghz as this frequency is more dependable over distance and through walls.

Checking your signal path between router, Chime Pro, and Doorbell 3 is always a good step. Please check for any major appliances, walls, thick or metal furniture, and distance between the router - Chime Pro, and Chime Pro - Doorbell 3. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring, thanks for the reply, by “checking wich frequency” you mean to see if i use 2.4 ghz or 5ghz? i am using 5 ghz, i thought the 5ghz would be better. The chimepro is half way between modem/router and ringcamera, the chimepro is 8 feet from ringcamera(outside door). So i need only to change the wifi for the chime pro in case from 5 to 2.4? from ringcamera to chimepro i don’t need to do anything?

I’m no expert, but all my ring devices, no matter how close are on 2.4 ghz and they are much more solid working.