Rotate image for any/all Ring cams in app's device settings

I have a similar issue to those posted here. The door in the building I live has elements attached to the door below the peephole, but not above. I went ahead & installed the Ring Peephole Cam upside down thinking that certainly once I set up the device, I would simply be able to adjust the orientation of the camera. I’m so surprised that simple programming doesn’t exist within the app device settings.
But without that setting, this device is going to become frustrating rather than helpful.
Ring please address this in a software update!

Any progress with the issue to make it possible to rotate the picture in the APP? Very frustrating. I support the proposal from Bigisland to add In the app, when the user toggles the “Rotate View” to “On”, have a popup that states something like, “By using this feature, the warranty will be VOID for this cam if water or dirt intrusion is found to be the cause of the issue.”.

If not I need to use the ladder again and remount the (4) cameras - last time it ended up with a
concussion and broken thumb and sickleave for a month :frowning:

Or shall I skip RING and by some more clever units?

Is there anyone from RING that could respond on this issue - first log in sept 2020?

An other cutomer friendly issue could be to offer the extra equipment you need for free…
Dream on Dream on!

People are taller than they are wide and so are doors.
If Ring Video Doorbells can record and live stream video in 1080p Full HD with a 4:3 aspect ratio then we may be able to see every visitor from head to toe. We may also be able to see packages left on the ground beneath our doorbells.
I am not sure if this involves hardware or just software changes will suffice. If it involves major hardware upgrades then it’s a great feature for future models of Ring video doorbells.
Please see attached pictures as examples.


Please add the rotate view for the app when my camera is mounted from the ceiling outdoors!

Contrary to the Ring Help article which still says the user can toggle the setting to rotate the view when the camera is mounted from the ceiling, this toggle does not appear for me in the current version of the Ring app, whether the camera is set for Indoor or Outdoor installation. If this is really because the camera loses weather resistance when not installed vertically, that is a bizarrely glaring flaw in the design of a security camera promoted as outdoor capable. After speaking with Ring customer service, I was told RIng is still working on this but in the meantime I should buy the older style mounting bracket ($20) which allows the camera to be fully rotated when mounted from the ceiling–the newer camera’s come with a mount that is more limited in rotation it allows. Annoying but at least there’s a solution.