Rotate image for any/all Ring cams in app's device settings

Having reviewed the above, am I correct in concluding that Ring has NEITHER added a capability that’s less a “feature” than it is a basic function (with technically comparable equipment from other manufacturers, typically available at appreciably lower price points) of most devices OR offered an explanation (a response of any kind, really) in a full calendar year? What purpose is a “Ring Community” to serve if its users cannot identify and share workarounds while the manufacturer also ignores (or disregards) the complaints of a captured clientele? Is all of this the waste of money and time that it seems? Are Ring experiences and products best understood as sunk costs?

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Hear, hear! This would be a very helpful feature, and it is surprising that it does not exist already.

Any idea on where Ring is at on this feature? @RingProductTeam, can you please prioritize this on your backlog. You’ve known about this for over a year. Make it happen and be a bit more agile. Thanks!

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the outdoor cameras can only be mounted upside down and you can’t rotate the image. you have to have them out of reach and the outside of a house so that means under the eves to view anything important therefore they must be upside down but you can’t rotate the image? what is the point if you can’t see things right side up? #TiredAllOver thinking about returning as this just makes it to difficult to use.

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This is very limiting I just purchased the pan/tilt mount to use with the outdoor camera under an wave and I can’t rotate the video, this is just terrible for a third generation stick up cam plug in

Aside from the Indoor Camera, the Ring app is unable to rotate video if your Camera is mounted upside down. While you cannot rotate the image for a Stick Up Camera, there are many mounting accessories available, such as this Stick Up Camera Mount or our Pan-Tilt Mount. Learn more about mounting your Stick Up Camera in this Help Center article.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, rest assured these requests have been shared with our teams here. :slight_smile:

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The Stick Up Camera Mount link you have supplied seems to be dead, and the PT-Mount would further exacerbate the issue, would it not. We really need a solution to this, maybe along the lines of BigIsland’s suggestion of a user warning.

If the camera was upside down under a porch type hard canopy, then the weather proofing issue is all but moot, is it not.

The last thing we are wanting is yet another bulky bracket on top of the Stick-Up Cam and the PT-Mount, making something sleek into something truly ugly.

This is a genuine issue that needs a resolution, even if it means replacing the camera.

Currently the indoor cam has the capability to flip video while the stick up cams don’t. The two that I use are both ceiling mounted under porches and are currently upside down in the app. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with the zones or motion capture, but it seems silly that they can’t already be flipped.

Never saw this as an issue, that is until the release of the Pan-Tilt Mount (PT-M).

Imagine the wonderful Porch Canopy as you describe, and you have to now screw an ugly bracket to the wall with all 8” of Camera and PT-M, ugly, I mean, Uuggly, hanging on the wall when it would be better placed under the canopy roof.

This is a software thing, right, I mean, an engineer for half an hour copy’s and paste’s the lines of code from the Indoor Cam that has ‘Rotate Video’ and places it in the code for the Stick-Up Cam, right, I mean, what’s the problem.

I don’t even mind if the PT-M doesn’t have its direction changed, although this would be a simple ‘if else’ statement, ‘if rotate_video = 0 then pt_mount = 0, else pt_mount = 1” or something like that, right?

Come on Ring, this is a no brainer.

I completely agree with this simple solution. My frustration level is unnecessarily high, because I’m satisfied with all the other features on my 14 cameras in two locations.

Can’t believe anyone is listening…

May 2022 and this is still an issue. Ring clearly doesn’t listen to their customers. I have aluminum siding in my house and this cannot mount my Ring doorbell upright without cutting into the siding, so I mounted it sideways assuming I could simply rotate the video 90 degrees (as some online instructions indicated) but apparently that feature was removed just before I bought my Ring. Now I’ve been stuck with looking at sideways video for two years. Such a simple, stupid little feature they could add but they just don’t care. I certainly won’t be buying any more Ring products in the future.

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Hey guys, so far I live the Ring system right up until I started trying to replace my cheap Amcrest cameras with Ring and discovered I can’t. Ring video can’t be inverted! That is to say if you mount a ring camera upside down into a ceiling, like I’ve done with many others, you can’t flip the video feed to appear right side up. Incredible that a solid and fairly expensive Amazon product doesn’t have such a simple, basic feature. Like how my Tesla doesn’t have a garage door opener built in. Cmon ring, add a basic feature will ya?

Our school has both Indoor security cams as well as spotlight cams that would benefit from the ability to rotate their views 90 Degrees (Portrait View) in the application because they are covering along the length of a building or long hallway, which otherwise could not be fully covered in landscape view. Could your developer team work on a rotating solution for this specific issue? Thank you for the assistance.

I can’t belive that the video feed in battery cam cant be rotated, my indoor cam which half the price can be rotated, why not this??

Please don’t answer with I have to spend more money on something else.

Update the code and resolve this please, its a reflection on the company.

I understand that water may get in if its upside down outdoors, but for indoors its fine.

Please apply the rotate video feature to this camera.

I just purchased a Ring Door View camera. My apartment complex has lettering on the doors so I had to install the camera upside down to make it fit. How can I invert the image in the app so the video appears normally? Other Ring cameras have a “Rotate Video” option within the Video Settings, but the Door View / Peephole camera does not. It would be very nice to have this option, if not I may need to return the camera. :frowning:

My peephole is right above a stain glass window in the center of the door so the only way to instal my peephole camera is upside down. Please add a feature to rotate the video for the doorbell camera or unfortunately I will have to return my new Ring Peephole Cam :frowning:

I have a similar situation

For Floodlight Cam, in my installation I am looking down a long, narrow space between my home and my neighbor’s home. In such an installation the widescreen format of the video is not terribly useful. I should be able to rotate the camera 90 degrees on the fixture and then tell the app we’re doing portrait-form instead of landscape-form.

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If a stick up cam can ONLY be connected to a ceiling, the option should be available to flip the view. It’s ridiculous this isn’t one already.

Though I have read elsewhere that the cameras have the option to rotate the view 180 degrees, I would like to tweak this further. I want to obscure my camera within an object. If I need to lay the camera on it’s side, I cannot rotate the view accordingly.