Rings set up under two different emails

My husband said up one of the rings under his email and use my Amazon account. I just set up a second one using my email. I shared the device with him And now it so we can’t have two users with the same Amazon account. So I deleted my device and now it won’t let me hook the second up to either account. It just says something went wrong.

Hi there, @teilakeys! When linking multiple Ring devices in the same household to another Amazon account, it is most convenient to set them both up under the same Ring account for access, and link to the same Amazon account, for features and integrations.

As you’ve set up this Ring device under another account, please follow the step in this help center article to remove the device from your account, and allow it to be setup under the other. Once complete, the device will successfully complete a setup in the main owner’s Ring account, and access for yourself can be added thereafter. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: