Ring's Order History Page

How do I review the Ring products I just ordered?

I found this page:

But the following link gives me a 404 error:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. My unsolicited advice is to offer a link from the shopping cart page.

Try this link
Order History | Ring



Sorry for stepping in here but do you actually see your Order History when you go to the Order History Page? I have placed 3 separate orders and none of them are in my Order History Page

I just clicked on the link, logged in, and see a history of 4 orders I’ve made with Ring.

Are you sure you are logging in with the same account that placed the order? Sure it was Ring and not Amazon or some other retailer you placed your order with?

In the email I have for a recent Ring order I have a link that takes me to the order. Check your email for your order info.

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