Rings Lights Not Turning Off Even Though Set to Turn Off After One Minute

I’ve got Ring lightbulbs, wall light and path lights that are set to turn on when motion is detected outside at night. They turn on with no problem. However, I have them set to turn off after one minute. They never turn off. I have to go into the app and turn them off. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, how do I fix it? Is a firmware update needed?

Also, the one Ring lightbulb i have inside randomly turns on even though there’s no sensor associated with it. I’m running iOS 15.0.1 but the issues started before the apple update.

Hi @jtrippe77. Do you have any Linked Devices connected or a Light Schedule in place that could be interfering with your Path Lights? Do they have a good and strong signal? If so, this could be the explanation for the strange behavior. If possible, try bringing one closer to the Ring Bridge to test if it works better when closer.