Ring's help lines phone system major BUG for call backs.

When calling in for help, and asked by Ring’s phone system, if you would like a call back, I chose, yes. Then it asks would you like to be called back at a different number, I choose, yes. Then I follow the prompts to enter that different number, and it confirms the number, and I chose , yes. It fails to call that “different” number, but instead calls the wrong number, which in may case is a virtual computer line number that does not accept inbound calls. So I nver get the call back. UGH!

Hey @GoBananas. Thank you for your feedback here! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate teams for you. Please note that when providing a number for the callback, please ensure you have included the entire number, as well as the country code (US = 1) in the front to ensure that the number goes through accordingly. Numbers that go to computers and not an actual phone line, such as Google Voice Number, may not work at this time. Please ensure you leave a callback number for a phone number that has its own line.

I always provide my mobile number and it confimrs it. It calls back my computer’s virtual number and leaves a message, because that number I made the original call from. Your system is defective/has a bug. This has been going on for along time and I have reported it multiple times too, yet it persists. Why?

Hi @GoBananas. Thank you for following up with me on this! I want to let you know this information and feedback that I have passed onto my teams has been addressed and they said this should not longer be an issue with our callback system. If you continue to have this concern, please let me know. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Have not tested, but trust it got taken care of as you stated. Thanks again.

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Thank you for all the great help you have offered in this situation and to other fellow neighbors @GoBananas. Could you please reach out to the Community Team at community@ring.com? We would love to ask you some questions and get your feedback directly as a valued member of the Community. :slight_smile: