Ring zoom in zoom out not working on Apple iOS

Hi since the ring update on Apple iOS the zoom in and zoom out feature isn’t working for my ring security cameras so can you please fix this up ASAP or does anyone know what’s going on and having the same issues as me

Aye. Same issue for me since iOS update to 13.3. Zoom works on recordings but no longer on live feed. Slightly annoying.

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Same thing in my Apple iPhone XR and macOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3. Latest Ring App update was the problem.

Download Rapid Ring from the iOS App Store. Fast live view and zoom still works on there!!! Why have I never heard of this before!!!

I have it. The problem is with Ring App. Rapid Ring is “beta” (only download in TestFlight App in iOS).

Rapid Ring available in the App Store now so must be out of beta. Agree Ring App not working correctly.

I am having the same issue since the newest updates. Very frustrating. Zoom works fine during playback but not at all during LIVE view. Thanks

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