Ring Wireless Spotlight Can false alerts

I just setup 2 Ring Spotlight Wireless cams over the weekend and every few minutes I get false motion detection alerts for nothing, just the wind blowing the trees or a bird flying by. What can be done because it is out of control, I can’t check the system every few minutes for false alerts.

I have the morion detection frequency set to standard but even if I set it to light I have the same issue

Hey @Gail1202! Great job using your settings to optimize motion detection. Motion Frequency will certainly prevent too many notifications to your phone and preserve battery if motion is occurring too often.

To actually avoid the constant motion triggers, I recommend altering the sensitivity and zones. If this does not improve detection accuracy, try physically angling the Cam different to change the focal point of view and zones. This may help to avoid things like trees or vehicles. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Good reply. I have a related problem, inthat traffic noise on the street in front of my house triggers an alert when there is no motion within my video zone. I can disable audio recording, but cannot find a way to stop audio noise from triggering an alert. Any ideas?