Ring wired doorbell camera - just sensitivity function is bad?

Finally got my wired ring camera installed.

I run it at maximum sensitivity. It will randomly pickup random things during the day ( flag in my yard moves constantly and cars go down the road every couple minutes) and it wont pick this up - but randomly i will get a notification on my phone of activity but camera shows nothing abnormal.
I can also walk out down the drive get in my truck and leave and it wont trip the camera ( all easily visible for the camera… I have adjusted the zones to include both driveways.
Also i walked to the corner you see in bottom right corner of pic and it didnt notify me via phone or app, but this am i was 5ft towards the road and it notified me.

Notifications just seem very hit and miss. i dont ever have it on home mode where they are off. they always on etc.

Hi @Jcash414. How is your Motion Frequency setup? Motion Frequency is a setting that determines the amount of dwell-time that occurs between each recording. You can learn more about Motion Frequency here.

Additionally, are there any steps leading up to your Doorbell, or is it in a elevated position? Proper Positioning is crucial to proper motion detection. Let me know if this helps.