Ring wifi setup signal

On my PC program that detects wifi signals I see a Ring setup wifi signal. I have 3 ring products. A doorbell III, a powered spotlight and a powered stick up cam. Spotlight and bell are connected thru a Chime Pro. The stickup cam is currently connected by wired internet but I blocked the connection to it by my router app. Would this cause it to emit a setup signal even if not prompted thru the app. Also concerned my neighbors can view video thru my cameras. Is this possible with wireless ones? Wouldn’t my direct internet connected stickup can be impervious to this? Thanks

Hi there, @Jackietools! When our devices are put into setup mode, they will indeed broadcast a temporary setup access point. At Ring we value your security and your privacy, thus the setup process in the Ring app is secure and can only be completed by the owner of the Ring device/ Ring app. Check out our help center article about device ownership for more information. Even in an instance where your Ring device is new, as mentioned before, this access point is temporary, will time out, and only applies to specific steps of the setup process. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: