Ring web page scripts slow down web browser

Now that we must use the web interface when working on a PC, it is important that you fix some of the problems in the web interface. From time to time the ring web dashboard gets “stuck” and can cause a several minute delay. When this happens, firefox puts up a message saying it is the fault of scripts on the ring web site.

See picture below…

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Hi @fantonio. Have you tried using the Ring web interface on Google Chrome rather than Firefox to see if you receive this same error message? If not, please try accessing the Live View from the Ring website on Google Chrome and let me know if that works for you.

Are you saying that you do not support Firefox?

fantonio -

I assume that one of the primary reasons you use the Firefox browser is due to privacy/security concerns. Thus, you probably should be ALARMED that Ring is trying to force you to chose between two browsers that (presumably) would NOT be acceptable to users who care about privacy/security. In other words, the two browser that are supported by Ring would probably fall fairly low (in terms of desirability) on YOUR list of “acceptable” browsers.

It’s ironic that a company that provides security hardware/software/services seems to keep trying to TRICK/FORCE users into LOWERING their privacy/security.

Hi neighbors, happy to follow up on this. If you take a look at our Help Center Article on Live View here, we have a list of the compatible browsers available at this time. Currently, Live View is not supported on Safari (iOS, MacOS), Firefox (all OS), or Google Chrome (iOS). We have heard your feedback here as well as feedback in other threads on the Community and will pass this along to our team, so thank you for sharing your concerns. :slight_smile: