Ring Video Pro - "Secret" Battery fail

I have spent 2 months fighting with this doorbell (including changing transformer to a Ring Power Supply) and have found the issue on REDDIT. First, I bought this HARDWIRED device so that I wouldn’t need to worry about Batteries. Despite being hardwired there is an on-board NON_CHANGEABLE Li-Ion battery that fails after about 18 months, especially in cold weather. Mine lasted 13 months, RING sent a replacement and it failed with 2 months. Once that onboard battery fails, you own a brick. This is a horrible design flaw to have a non-recharging irreplaceable battery on an expensive item with a one year warranty. RING… do you dispute this? What is my solution? I now own 2 useless Video Pro doorbells powered by a RING transformer (I also have a CHIME and a GARAGE floodlight unit that work perfectly). How do I feel safe buying anything from RING if this is how you engineer your devices? It sounds like a class action lawsuit item frankly. I am looking at Google NEST and ECOBEE devices as my RING support experience has been wonderfully friendly and completely incompetent. FRUSTRATED and tired of explaining to my wife why the RING isn’t working AGAIN.

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