Ring video doorbell

Hi all

I have the ring video doorbell 2nd generation. I’m currently using it as a battery operated out in my backyard on a table. I have my zones sets and high sensitivity but it won’t pick up things like birds even though they’re clearly in the zone detection. The other night, it showed i had a cat in my backyard which picked up the motion but didn’t give me the notification I also get squirrels and sometimes it will detect them but not always. Just curious to know if i am doing something wrong.

A battery powered Ring doorbell doesn’t instantly start recording when it detects motion. I’m guessing, based on my own doorbell, that it takes around 5-10 seconds for it to wake up. Thus, if your birds don’t stay in view of the doorbell for longer then you won’t get them in a recording.
The cat was likely slower and stayed in view longer. Same with the squirrels.
My advice, because I have one, is get a “trail camera”. They are intended to wake up within a second or two of motion and recording activity. I’ve captured video of many of the various wildlife in or passing through my yard.