Ring Video Doorbell Wired randomly plays startup music on motion detction

So I have a Ring Video Doorbell Wired that’s been installed for a little over a year now, and lately I’ve been having an issue where it will randomly play that little start up music/jingle (as if you were setting up a brand new ring device) upon detecting motion. I’ve tested it with the app open on live view and still plays the music quite loudly and it happens at random times but at least twice if not 3 times daily. Made sure connections are fine (using a compatible wall ac Adapter and replaced it just in case that was the issue, old doorbell original voltage was to low to power it) it has an extremely strong wifi connect as router is right on the other side of the wall it’s installed at, device health shows up as fine both power with 20v and strong wifi as mentioned RSSI between-20 & -40 and even reset a couple times but issue comes back a few hours later. Also recently started to have moments when using the app that live view will not load or get an error message that live view is not available though device Health upon checking is fine.

Any ideas? Ring support honestly isn’t much help and after a few different agents none seem to understand the issue and just send me straight to reset process and of course it works after that then issue comes back hours after hanging up with support.

Hi @Kakashi. This is certainly odd. The next time this happens, try taking note of the time and date. Next, contact our support team and ask to speak to our level 2 support (Neighbor Solutions Experts) and they can check the logs of what happened at the time and date specified. This may give them an idea of how to correct this. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.