Ring video doorbell transformer question


I would like to buy a ring video doorbell (1, 2 or 3 not sure but not a PRO) however I’m kinda a noob in the electric world. Currently I have a simple doorbel (Niko 05-540) - 12V, 1A.

I have a bell transformer Schneider ITR 8VA. Since my doorbel uses 12V I assume it’s configured that my transformer outputs 12V (NOT sure tho).

I also live in Europe so I think 8VA should be enough?

With my bell there is a classic chime so I figured out I don’t need the diode.

Preferably I would like to power the doorbell via the existing cables and thus also the chime.

I don’t mind having 2 sounds in the house.

So will my current electric situation be sufficient enough to power the video doorbell?