Ring Video Doorbell 3 Not Giving Audible Motion Alerts

So, here’s the deal… I’m using the Ring 3 for a motion alert device only and it’s operating on a battery (not hardwired). To test it, I stayed in the house and my wife walked up to the door. No notifications whatsoever - audible or banner (they’re all turned on). Today, we head out for a walk; with iPhone in hand, I walked towards the Ring 3 and I get a banner AND an audible notification. When we came back from the walk, my wife walked up to the door… no notification of any kind. Doesn’t make any sense. Signal strength is good, all alert types activated and, People Only mode set to ON. Last time I checked, we qualify as a People. Only thing I can think of is that Motion Snooze (Which can’t be completely turned off) has something to do with it. ???

Hi @BSlamAK. This could be do to how you have your Motion Frequency configured. Motion Frequency sets the “dwell time” in between recordings. This Community post here will go over Motion Frequency and how to best adjust it. Let me know if this helps!