Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation - New install- BURNING SMELL and no motion detection

I installed the Video Doorbell 2nd Generation yesterday.

  1. Smelt a very bad buring smell immediatley after installation(yes, I did use the correct screws, I did tighten very securely). Uninstalled and reinstalled. Smell went away after about a minute.

Is that normal or should I return for replacement?

  1. The device is not detecting motion unless I stand at the door and after a short time it detects I’m standing there. I have gone through all the sttings I could find with no success

  2. The bell does work if I push the button and I am able to comunicate if using the device

I have been unable to communicate via chat and will return the product if I do not get a satisfactory response to this communication



Something doesn’t sound right. It should not smell. I’d reach out to customer service.
Here is how.
Information on customer support below.



We take your safety very seriously, @RussellT. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to have our team reach out to you. Can we reach out to you using the email address used for your Community account?