Ring Video Doorbell 2 poor/late motion sensing

I received my new doorbell (“2020 release”) this week and installed. It is alerting to motion and recording much later than I would have expected. I used “Motion Wizard” to set up the device with 1) door from street 30 feet or more 2) disable additional motion verification to avoid unwanted notifications 3) all motion zones on and 4) set the slider to max sensitivity.

My door is up two sets of stairs from street level, so I also tried angling the device substantially and it never improved the motion detection.

This video shows how late the device is detecting motion. Is it not reasonable to expect it to at least capture when the person goes up the first set of steps?


Thanks for any help

And then randomly it alerts of one passing car. There have been tons of cars that have driven by during the day and no notifications.


Hi @cds5w. Thanks for sharing a video example so I could see what you’re seeing. Based on the video, it does look like the motion detection is operating as expected. The Doorbell is meant to detect motion closer to your door rather than far out, and the video shows that the motion is detected before the delivery driver arrives at the door, which is how it is supposed to function. You can read more about how the motion detection in Ring devices works in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: